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Choose an elegant pointed topper that mimics the shape of your obelisk, or a whimsical copper hummingbird, to create the perfect touch to your garden.

Give your garden a timeless and magical feeling.

Obelisks are pyramidal structures that allow climbing plants to grow up from the inside, and cover the structure on the outside as they bloom. A metal obelisk with thin rods and a lovely polished copper topper is a beautiful way to give your garden a three dimensional look. Cover your grounds in gorgeous climbing plants, framed and protected by a simple garden obelisk. They don’t take up as much room as a trellis, and are easy to install and move around when necessary.

Millwork City’s selection of obelisks includes two beautiful choices for copper toppers.

Do you love elegance and tradition, and want your garden to reflect your style? The simple finial topper is a great choice. It echoes the shape of the garden obelisks, and doesn’t detract from the beauty of your blooming plants. With such a subtle detail, your guests may not even realize why your garden feels so sophisticated. If you prefer to celebrate the natural life that fills your garden with energy, choose the polished copper hummingbird topper, which shows a hummingbird drinking from a bell-shaped flower. This obelisk would be perfect for a whimsical garden that features bright colors and fun décor.