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No matter what style or finish your mantel columns may be, we have the perfect plinth blocks to finish the look and create a stunning, traditional frame.

Click from the desired wood types to view the available selections of plinth blocks for your fireplace mantel!

Itís amazing how much the little details like real wood plinth blocks can add to the focal point of your room.

Entering a room with a traditionally framed fireplace instantly puts a person in mind of comfort, class, and style. But if you havenít quite nailed the feeling you want, you may not even realize that something as small as plinth blocks could be the answer. By installing the right plinth blocks at the base of your mantel columns, you can instantly finish the look, and finally feel as though your beautiful fireplace is as breathtaking as you always knew it could be.

Have a unique fireplace with a specific material or finish? Never fear!

At Millwork City, we have a variety of real wood plinth blocks to match many different types of fireplaces and mantel columns. Our distressed plinth blocks, made of beautiful cherry wood, look great in both traditional and modern rooms. Our French Country finish is another distressed plinth block, perfect for cottages or feminine styles. Try the antique plinth blocks made of birch for a totally new look, or check out our other styles to match any space!

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