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When you are defining the look for your custom staircase, stair brackets add that little extra something special that will make people appreciate the gracious sweep of your stairs.

Unique and Graceful Stair Brackets

Stair rails, fittings, and balusters are useful parts of your stairs that also just happen to be made of lovely natural wood. Stair brackets, while not strictly useful, can really take the look of your staircase from blah but beautiful to absolutely stunning and breathtaking. A variety of styles and sizes of these stair brackets assure that you will be able to get just the right look that will take your guests’ breath away.

Stair Brackets

Florals, angles, swirls, leaves, and even geometric shapes make up the primed polyurethane stair brackets from While you can make do without them, once you see the look of your stairs framed by these stunning brackets, you will wonder how you could survive without them.

Primed Polyurethane